LIVING with the ODDS is YOUR call to action.

This powerful one hour documentary directed by Erich Meltvedt, features Paul Bayne and Scituate resident Charlie Benoit, both Glioblastoma patients, and their experiences with the deadly disease inspiring audiences with enduring, life affirming messages of hope, love and faith. LIVING with the ODDS explores the harsh realities and incredible possibilities of a terminal cancer diagnosis, through the eyes of Paul Bayne.

The Scituate red carpet premiere will be followed by a guided meditation led by acclaimed meditation teacher Michel Pascal and panel discussion with Dana Farber Nuero-Oncology expert in the treatment of Glioblastoma, Dr. Patrick Wen, and individuals involved in the production of the movie. Click the shopping cart link above to order your tickets, the heart icon to donate directly to Dana Farber Cancer Institute and we would be grateful for your liking us on FB and Instagram, liking leads to loving!


What is it like to receive a terminal cancer diagnosis? In Living With the Odds, we follow Paul Bayne through his initial diagnosis with Glioblastoma, an aggressive form of brain cancer, and his two year battle to survive. Follow Paul’s inspirational journey as he faces his disease with courage and cheer and as we hear about the impact that he had on his family, children, friends and church community. Finally, the film takes us inside the brave medical community who dedicate their lives treating patients and fighting this deadly disease.

LIVING with the ODDS captures what it is like to fully experience the complexities of daily life, after a terminal cancer diagnosis. Portraying a fine balance between suffering and the incredible force of hope and joy. Exploring the science, spiritual, physical and emotional evidence contributing to living longer. This film will inspire you, drive you and enrich your life by showing you the true depth and call to a life worth living.

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