What is it like to receive a terminal cancer diagnosis?

In Living With the Odds, we follow Paul Bayne through his initial diagnosis with Glioblastoma, an aggressive form of brain cancer, and his two year battle to survive.

Follow Paul’s inspirational journey as he faces his disease with courage and cheer and as we hear about the impact that he had on his family, children, friends and church community. Finally, the film takes us inside the brave medical community who dedicate their lives treating patients and fighting this deadly disease.


In this film, I wanted to capture what it was like to walk in Paul Bayne’s shoes by taking the viewer into his world to fully experience the complexities of daily life (after a terminal cancer diagnosis).

There was a fine balance between what the two main characters suffered from brain cancer and the incredible force of hope and joy they both embodied and spoke of frequently. 

I also wanted discover the science, the spiritual, the physical and the emotional evidence to live longer. It is my hope that this film will inspire you, drive you and enrich your life by showing you the true depths and highs of a life worth living.

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